Here are 5 different parenting styles with their pros and cons. We hope you find what style works best for you

1. Bulldozing Parenting

This term describe parents who clears the path in front of their children, getting rid of all obstacles on the path to their happiness and success. A bulldozing parent says ‘I can see an obstacle coming and I am going to get rid of it so you don’t have to face any adversity in your life’. This type of parenting is similar to helicopter parenting.

Their resilience and creativity can be found to be lower, as well as their capacity to control their emotions and behavior because if they do something that turns out to be wrong the parent ‘mows down any obstacles.’

The Pro: It can make everyone’s life easier – but only in the short term.

The Con: It promotes an unhealthy reliance of the child on the parent and it teaches the child that somebody will always come to the rescue.

2. Authoritative Parenting

This way of raising children is refer to as the ‘gold standard’ of all parenting styles as the authoritative parent is war and loving, but also high on limit-setting and establishing boundaries.

Pro: Most children do best under these circumstances. They do better at school, in terms of their resilience, and their well-being. They do better socially, and they do better in life.

Con: It can cause some confusion for parents and children. Sometimes, authoritative parents can be very punitive and children may struggle to disentangle the love and the limits.

3. Helicopter Parenting

The helicopter parents ‘hover’ around their children in order to ward off any potential problems.  This style of parenting can be characterized by parents who involve themselves in their children’s lives to such a level, it can hamper their independent developmental skills as mum is always around to save the day.

The Con: This  parenting style can result in children who become helpless, and who rely on others to fix their problems, even into young adulthood.

The Pro: It benefits the parent as they get to feel secure and it reduces their anxiety around the child’s welfare because they are doing everything for them. This makes life easier – in the short term.

4. Permissive Parenting

This parenting style is high on love and low on limits. Permissive parents often tend to be very loving, yet provide few guidelines and rules.

Pro: They allow children to develop a high level of autonomy, which can sometimes work out very well.

Con:  Sometimes the children will push a little too far and try to do a little too much which can end up becoming problematic as children who are raised in permissive parenting environments tend to respond poorly to authority figures and can tend to do less well in structured environments like school.

5. Neglectful Parenting

Neglectful parenting is a parenting style that is both low on love and low on limits. These parents neither warn [their child] nor are they interested in establishing boundaries. They essentially let the kids raise themselves. This style of parenting offers little in the way of structure, it is not a style that has any advantages, and in fact can be extremely detrimental.

Con: The children tend to be particularly low on resilience and well-being. They tend to do poorly socially, and at school.

Do you know any other parenting style that works? Please share with us.