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Breast Cancer Awareness: Mrs Akeredolu takes BRECAN to Imo and Abuja

Wife of the Ondo State Governor and founder of Breast Cancer Association of Nigeria (BRECAN) Chief (Mrs) Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu has disclosed her plan to Organise a town hall meeting on breast cancer in Imo State as part of activities on the campaign against breast cancer and awareness. According to a release from the office of the first lady, stated that

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Is there a right or wrong way to raise a boy child? Read touching tweets from Nigerian mother raising her sons as feminists

A single mother with two sons has spoken on the peculiarities of giving her children the freewill to be who they want and not force them to take up her laid down rules like most mothers would do. She is raising her sons to be feminists and she expressed her deep disappointment with the society’d disapproval of her parenting style.

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Jail- term awaits child traffickers in Kwara State

The Kwara State Government has warned that jail-term awaits people caught in child-trafficking, child or pedophiles in the state. The State Commissioner for Women Affairs and Social Development, Doctor Ayike Saka, gave the warning during this year’s New Year party organized for orphans from various reception centers in Ilorin. According to him, government is currently taking care of some children

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AMBODE’S WIFE PRESENTS GIFTS TO FIRST BABIES OF 2018 …Says Routine Immunization, Post-Natal Care Critical For Newborn Wife of Lagos State Governor, Mrs Bolanle on Monday underscored the importance of routine immunization and post-natal care for the survival and growth of newborns, saying it was important for nursing mothers to pay greater attention to the health of their children. She

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Here are 5 different parenting styles with their pros and cons. We hope you find what style works best for you

1. Bulldozing Parenting This term describe parents who clears the path in front of their children, getting rid of all obstacles on the path to their happiness and success. A bulldozing parent says ‘I can see an obstacle coming and I am going to get rid of it so you don’t have to face any adversity in your life’. This

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