My dear people of Rivers State.


As we celebrate the end of 2017 and the beginning of yet, another year, let me use this happy moment to extend my new year wishes to all Rivers people across the world as well as those who live and do business here in Rivers State.


2.       Let me also use this opportunity to convey our sincere thanks to you all for the support, co-operation as well as your contributions to the development of the state since we came on board in 2015.


3.       It is always exciting to see out an old year and usher in a new one.


Although 2017 has been a very difficult year, we still have  reasons to thank god for life and look forward with renewed hopes for a better new year. Never have these spirit been more required than now.


4.       In spite of the difficulties and challenges of 2017, we still recorded some memorable events and achievements as a people. We peacefully and collectively marked the 50th anniversary of the creation of our dear state and in doing so, cherished the memory of our founding fathers, celebrated our fabulous heritage, took stock of our progress and set our compass for the future.


5.       As a government we moved the state several notches forward. we constructed and added more kilometers of roads to the existing road network.  We rehabilitated, equipped and transformed hundreds of basic education schools, and secondary schools as well as built new faculty buildings for our tertiary institutions.


We also strengthened the healthcare delivery system for optimal performance.


6.       We promoted the rule of law and enhanced access to justice with the building of new court houses for the state as well as the Port Harcourt division of federal courts, and improved the welfare of judicial officers for greater productivity.


7.       We successfully restored our broken economy and put it on a sustainable growth path and regeneration. We have also enhanced our tourism and recreational potential with the building of the Port Harcourt Pleasure Park.


8.       More than anything else, we have worked assiduously to secure and sustain the peace, safety and security of lives and property across the state. We have also strengthened the bounds of unity with the promotion of inclusive governance, social justice and accommodation.


9.       It is important to reiterate with gratitude that these achievements are as a result of the support and cooperation you gave to us in the last one year. Together, we have worked hard towards realizing our vision for a truly peaceful, secured and prosperous rivers state.


10.     For us, 2018 will also be another year without break in the execution of development projects. We will intensify our efforts and continue on the path to fulfilling all our campaign promises in all respects. 


11.     To this end, massive investments in infrastructure, access to education and training, qualitative healthcare and the creation of economic opportunities will remain some of our key priorities. 


12.     And in doing so, no part of the state will be left behind just as we shall also ensure that every person is carried along on our way to building a sustainable prosperity for us and our children.


13.     Although our challenges are great and aggravated by the prevailing economic hardship in our country, I urge you to continue to keep hope alive and embrace the New Year with courage and unity of purpose to overcome our adversaries and reap the harvest of hard work, determination and success.


 14.    We all share the responsibility of building our state and our country. Let us therefore continue to demonstrate the values of hard work, patriotism and integrity and strengthen our commitment to building a just, accountable and inclusive society of our dreams where no one is left behind.


 15.    Finally, I wish all Rivers people a happy, successful and prosperous new year, 2018.


16.     Thank you, and may God continue to bless Rivers State.



Author: aGuNmA

An Economist, Attorney at Law, Arbitrator & Marriage Counsellor. A passionate humanitarian, deeply concerned about women and children. I write about spirituality, law, women, marriage and a host of other issues.

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