New Rivers: Still Cleaning Amaechi’s Mess

On regular basis, the mess that the immediate past Governor of Rivers State, Mr Rotimi Amaechi threw the state into keeps popping up. His financial recklessness, theft of state resources and unprecedented siphoning of the people’s funds left the state in ruins.

The damage that he did to the state was so deep that he lacked the courage to write a handover note. Recently , one of the sad reminders of Amaechi’s locust years stared Rivers people in the face.

Players of Rivers United protested to the Government House, Port Harcourt to plead with Governor Wike to pay them their 2013/2014  and 2014/2015 sign-on fees incurred during the locust years of Amaechi. Rivers United is a fusion of Sharks and Dolphin Football  Clubs which Amaechi  denied salaries for 11 months and Governor Wike settled upon assumption of office.

Governor Wike ushered the Rivers United players into Government House, held a meeting with them and pledged to settle their outstanding fees left by the failed Amaechi administration.  Naturally, the players were overwhelmed with joy. In the best of African tradition, a few prostrated, others knelt down and the rest sang. 

A few of the players took snapshots of the joyous occasion and circulated on social media. Because this was a celebration of victory  over the locust years of Amaechi’s administration, nobody was restrained.

Sadly, the immediate past Governor through his media gang of falsehood, Sahara Reporters went to town to cast aspersions on Governor Wike. They misinterpreted the picture without knowing the details. Of course, Sahara Reporters represent one of the leading beneficiaries of the N3trillion mismanaged by Amaechi  in 8years. They are always at his beck and call. 

Even Sahara Reporters changed her story after the Captain and Deputy Captain of Rivers United granted a video interview on what transpired. 

 Captain of Rivers United FC Festus Austine and his Deputy Rotimi Sunday noted that their meeting with Governor Wike was fruitful and that the governor agreed to settle the sign-on fees he inherited from the failed Amaechi administration. 

As the failure of the APC Federal Government destroyed the Christmas celebration for Christians and other Nigerians, Amaechi’s  media handlers took to twitter to divert attention.  Their number one target as usual is Governor Wike. 

Amaechi and his media goons insulted Governor Wike  for refusing  to invest Rivers funds in his cesspool of corruption, the monorail. This is a criminally conceived project, specifically  designed by Amaechi  to steal funds from the people of Rivers State.  Out of the N3trillion that Amaechi stole from Rivers State, a large chunk was siphoned throw the ill-fated monorail.  Amaechi stands indicted  by a court approved Judicial Commission of Inquiry on this project.  But for the deliberate obstruction of his prosecution by the APC Federal Government, Amaechi should be facing trial by now. Of course, Amaechi used Rivers funds to bankroll APC National Campaigns  as a major financier. 

In Amaechi’s  Twitter charade, he mentioned Greater Port Harcourt Project. This is one area that Governor Wike is repositioning  for greater performance, unlike Amaechi  who used it to steal Rivers State resources. 

Perhaps Amaechi thinks that Nigerians have  forgotten how he paid $39. 2million (N12billion)  to Canadian-based Clinotech Diagnostic and Pharmaceutical Limited for the construction of the 1000 bed Karibi White Specialist Hospital in Greater Port Harcourt.  That money disappeared , but not even a single block was laid. 

On projects completion, Amaechi speaks from both sides of his mouth. Today, he will tell the world that many projects commissioned  by Governor Wike were started by him. Tomorrow, he will be on social media to say a different thing. The truth remains  that Governor Wike completes all projects  that are critical  to the improvement  of the living standard of the people of Rivers State. 

I will list a few of such projects abandoned  by Amaechi, but completed  by Governor Wike or are about to be completed .  They include: Abuluoma-Woji Bridge and Road, Woji-Akpajo Bridge and Road, Faculty of Management Sciences, Rivers State University, Faculty Environmental Sciences, Rivers State University, Faculty of Law, Rivers State University, Abonnema-Obonnoma Bridge, Garrison-Trans-Amadi-Elelenwo Road, Ogoni-Andoni-Opobo Unity Road etc. The truth is that Amaechi was governor at a period Rivers State got her highest financial resources  of about N3trillion  in 8years, but left the highest number of abandoned projects in the  history  of the  state.

The tragedy of the Amaechi’s locust years transcends the unpaid sign-on fees of players of Rivers United, abandoned monorail and non-existent Karibi White Specialist Hospital . His landmarks of failure are glaring across the landscape of Rivers State. 

He left four months of unpaid civil servants salaries, six months of pensions, decayed infrastructure, fractured  security  architecture, damaged educational and health sector, poverty and a collapsed bureaucracy. 


I have come to the conclusion that the immediate past failed Rivers State Governor and incumbent Minister of Transportation, Mr. Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi  cannot complete an interview session without displaying his Wike-Phobia.

His latest outing during Channels Television’s  Question Time recently  highlighted a desperate politician hungry for attention.

Amaechi believes that it is only by insulting Governor Nyesom Ezenwo Wike that non-performing President Muhammadu Buhari will recognise that he is working.

This is rather unfortunate. If the APC Federal Government did not recognise  his footing of over 70 percent of their campaign bills ahead of the 2015 general election, his profession of Wike-bashing will not yield any political fruits for him.

 If the APC Federal Government did not recognise Amaechi’s role in betraying the entire South-South, why does he think that Wike-bashing will advance his political relevance.

As far as Rivers State is concerned, the time of Amaechi is gone. The people are fast recovering from Amaechi’s corrupt diversion of Rivers funds for the sponsorship of APC. He should not taunt them with provocational acts of television and horrendous tweets on social media.

The APC Federal Government is merely using Amaechi as a tool of distraction.  As usual they will fail. Amaechi invested billions of Rivers resources  to fund the APC, but the  party has no single project in Rivers State.  Rather than execute a project in Rivers State, the APC Federal Government intimidates Amaechi with his several corruption  case files, compelling  him to sustain the betrayal of his people.

Governor Wike is a committed leader. A pragmatic development enthusiast who is Nigeria’s Political Conscience.  He cannot be seen contending with a failed governor, struggling for political survival through extensive sycophancy, treachery and eye-service.


Author: aGuNmA

An Economist, Attorney at Law, Arbitrator & Marriage Counsellor. A passionate humanitarian, deeply concerned about women and children. I write about spirituality, law, women, marriage and a host of other issues.

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