4 Nigerian Social Media Kitchen Experts

That Nigerians love their food, is an understatement. We pride in our food and boast about them jealously!

The social media era brought about a new school of foodie who are hungrily looking out for new recipes to try out and also, innovative ways of preparing and serving meals. This hunger, aided with the power of media story telling paved the way for the rapid rise of food blogging in Nigeria.

Instagram and YouTube then became the kitchen where experienced teachers meet with eager students. Some of these teachers have mastered the business side of food blogging while some are of the school of ‘arts for art sake’.

Today, we will look at 4 food bloggers who have positioned themselves well in the food blogging business.

1) Dunni Obata of @Dooneys Kitchen

Dunny is a story teller and virtually all her recipes have an interesting story to go with the sweet savor. The way she has infuse storytelling and food makes her one of the interesting food blogger. She has also found a way to blend business with her adventurous delicacies with her creation of the Yajichurri sauce which she attests would change your cooking experience for ever and for good. Dunny ships her sauce globally and crafted a story bed from the user experience with her #TalesofYajichurri which according to her, has restored marriages, got some women brand new cars and expensive gifts in appreciation from their partners! We hope she writes and publish her recipe book soon! She has over 165k active Instagram followers.

2) Ronke Edoho of @9Ja Foodie

Ronke is a certified clinical weight loss and nutrition specialist. With her Lose It Nigerian (LIN) cookbooks & recipes, she shares how you could maintain a healthy weight on Nigerian food by making healthier yet tasty choices. Her solution is revolutionary and evidently working based on the multiple feedbacks from her followers who share their before and after photos with her.

She has a closed LIN Facebook group with membership based on purchase of the LIN cookbooks and recipes. Knowing you can loose weight with Nigerian meals is a huge relief for die hard food lovers! She has over 163k Instagram followers.

3) Belle Nnorum of @FoodAce

Belle has one of the most beautiful food pages ever with clean and clear photos that would want to make you eat your screen. She has over 241k Instagram followers who actively engage with her posts. Belle took her business further a step further by creating the Foodace Spice Range.

4) Iquo Ukoh of @1qfoodplatter

Iquo is much older than most of the slay queens in the food business and much respected by the younger bloggers and budding foodies. She is a huge lover of local spices and often share tips about them. This lady has come to slay hard. She churns out recipes after recipes that leave the mouth watering and fans reminiscing on good old meals.

She has a YouTube channel where she showcases her recipes and She has over 65k Instagram followers. Old but not outdated.

She leverage her corporate experience in one of the world’s largest multi-national food company to create a niche business angle to her passion by offering culinary consulting services through a dedicated agency, she also shares her food knowledge and give talks at seminars and conferences globally.

Get creative in your cooking.


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