So what does it take to be a good boss this holiday?

It’s the end of the year, people are getting more relaxed and looking forward to the holiday, however how short it is. 

Do you have anyone working with you? Employees have plans for the holiday and cutting them some slacks will be a good way to usher in the holiday. Do not forget they also have loads of expectation from you. This is the time to shine as a good boss. So what does it take to be a good boss?

Here are some of the best ways to celebrate the holidays

  1. Family moments over long working hours.

The importance of family moments can not be over-emphasised during the holiday so reducing working hours will give employees time to plan and shop for the holiday and more importantly, spend more time with their loved ones. Let family be the priority.

  1. Bring on the Party!!!

Host an end of the year party, award staffers and party hard.

Let there be surplus foods and drinks amidst with music and fun. Hype the party and give it a theme. Staff love it when the focus is not about the job for once.

  1. Treat yourself by fulfilling a personal goal

You can have personalized approach to employee treats by helping each of your team members achieve a personal goal. Ask your employees to write down one wish that is feasible for the company to sponsor. Pay for a short specialist course, meet a super star, learn to code or play the piano. The list is endless!

  1. Set the festive mood with an Office decor

Decorating the office in time for Christmas creates a buzz around the office. The sight of a well decorated Christmas tree will brighten up any stern face!  Get your staff involved with the decoration by creating a committee to coordinate this yearly.

  1. Do not forget the needy

Make arrangement to give to the less privileged. There is always something you do not need anymore but which will be very useful to another person. Visit an orphanage home, organise a Christmas carol for patients or throw a surprise party for children in a rural school.

So there you have them. What will you be doing for your staff this Christmas?

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