The Hashtag Wedding Trends

Social media is very powerful and interesting. It is an enigma, it exudes a powerful magnetic pull that even the most conservatives can not resist its magic. The digital age has brought lots of innovations into the way things are done. It is no longer business as usual. It is the new definition of showbiz and I am not talking about music showbiz alone. There is a show side to every business that is very much profound now. The popular trend of tagging weddings with hashtags is just epic! We’ve seen a lot of this play out in 2017 even though it became much popular in Nigeria in early 2016. We’ve had #Kovi2017, #Hillix2017, ON2017, Ehiken2017, and the ‘frenziest’ of 2017 so far, #BAAD2017. Dear social media, we can’t wait to see more beautiful trends in 2018.

Would you be ‘hashtagging’ your wedding?


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