Get inspired and let your mind speak,

for the brain wields every beat the heart feels.

A wandering mind, passively occupied, slaving away deep in thoughts.

For thoughts are like soldier ants, typical of the kingdom, tasking

courageously over the anthill.


Blind it is sometimes, the mind I mean. Wandering aimlessly, stumbling

unwittingly, reaching out for attention but shut off to the realities within.

Other times it conceives like an intercourse duty, pregnant with plans, it

fathoms clearly as crystal skies revealing the very essence which lies within,

a mirage or a vision in sight nonetheless, set in stone for a mission to



It’s the mind about whom I scribble. Such a force

would leave me stuck at a desk, eyes elevated, pen between fingers,

thoughts adrift, focused on invisible words, meanings of which I am yet to

pick, a task I willingly undertake for a hobby writing once was, a leisure

cherished, assumed forgotten but obviously subsisting within.


The mind. A phenomenon, difficult to comprehend yet so easy to write about.

Creates effortlessly, designs painstakingly albeit naturally, paints a perfect

picture without a brush, gets clothes off a crush yet staring with a smile, the

mind lovely but deadly if uncaged, without restraints, it destroys all in its

wake when unchained.

The mind speaks……………


………………Ikemefuna Ede


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Author: aGuNmA

An Economist, Attorney at Law, Arbitrator & Marriage Counsellor. A passionate humanitarian, deeply concerned about women and children. I write about spirituality, law, women, marriage and a host of other issues.

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