Nine Questions to Answer Before the New Year

The new year comes with fresh opportunities. Many of us use the turning of the year to think about where we are and where we want to go. We set goals and make plans for how the coming year will be different and better.

To get you thinking and planning right for 2018, here are 9 questions to reflect on this December. They are intended to get you thinking about what you have to be grateful for, what you want to change, and what effort is needed to propel you forward.

  1. What was one of the most interesting things I learned this year?
  2. What was one of my most challenging moments? Why?
  3. What was one of my favorite accomplishments?
  4. What was one personal strength I used this year? How did it benefit my work or life?
  5. How well did I communicate with the people who matter most to me?
  6. What two accomplishments were made possible by the help of others?
  7. What advice would I offer someone else on the basis of a lesson I learned this year?
  8. What’s one thing I made or created from scratch? How did that feel?
  9. How would I describe this year? How would I like to describe next year?

Reflecting on these questions can prompt our willingness to make smarter move in the new year. When we are more aware of our interests and desires, we can create goals that align with what we want — not what we think we’re supposed to want. Taking these questions one after the other allows your thinking to change over the course of the day.  Keep a journal of these questions and your answers to help you keep track of what you notice through this process.

Lastly, use your answers to create goals aimed at making the 2018 your best year yet. What are you waiting for? Get you reflective caps on!


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Author: aGuNmA

An Economist, Attorney at Law, Arbitrator & Marriage Counsellor. A passionate humanitarian, deeply concerned about women and children. I write about spirituality, law, women, marriage and a host of other issues.

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