President Mugabe’s exit marks end of sit-tight leadership in Africa- Lawmaker

A member of the House of Representatives, Rep. Jerry Alagbaoso (Imo-PDP), has said that Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe’s resignation marked the end of sit-tight leadership style in Africa.

Alagbaoso made this remark in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja on Wednesday.

Mugabe resigned as Zimbabwe’s president on Tuesday, shortly after the parliament began an impeachment process to end his four decades of rule.

The 93-year -old Mugabe, who had ruled the country for 37 years, still clung on to power for a week after an army takeover and his expulsion from the ruling ZANU-PF party.

Alagbaoso, who lauded the country’s army in handling the situation peacefully, said that Nigeria should learn a lesson from the situation.

“Nigerians can learn the lesson of ensuring peaceful negotiations during difficult times from Mugabe’s case.

“There would have been a shootout in Zimbabwe if the military did not handle the situation professionally.

“I appreciate the calmness demonstrated by the military in Zimbabwe because there is the need to always engage in peaceful negotiations.

“Zimbabwe is a case study and I think the citizens are singing in unison. The era of sit-tight syndrome in Africa is gone, as this may be the last one.

“Mugabe was lucky to have lasted for 37 years, that could not happen in Nigeria and he is lucky to have resigned, if not, there would have been a problem in Zimbabwe,’’ Alagbaoso said.


Author: aGuNmA

An Economist, Attorney at Law, Arbitrator & Marriage Counsellor. A passionate humanitarian, deeply concerned about women and children. I write about spirituality, law, women, marriage and a host of other issues.

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